As a child growing up in Kirkland, Washington, I began music studies on the piano, with lots of encouragement from music-loving parents and lessons from precious teachers. After earning a BA in Music Education from Washington State University, I taught elementary and secondary music in the public schools. Raising two children and working in non-profit fundraising were my main focus for the '80s and '90s. But something was missing... I needed to get back to the music I loved. In 2001 I discovered the Celtic harp, and a new life began for me! I have enjoyed more than a decade of teaching harp lessons, playing therapeutic music at the bedside, playing my harp at weddings, life celebrations, and Sunday worship services. I have recently moved (in 2018) to Shoreline, Washington, where I still teach on a limited basis. Performance has become a focus as I share music in new ways: Instruments of Peace duo performing with Don Jenkins, playing both sacred and secular music; Nasty Woman folk trio including flute, guitar, and 3 women's voices singing their favorite tunes of the 60s & 70s along with some more contemporary songs and instrumentals; Resonance Harp Duo, performing harp duets with Mona Terry; and Band of Poets, combining poetry with improvisational music accompaniment that includes percussion, harmonica, and guitar as well as harp. I hope you enjoy my website!