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Anna Thormahlen Jenkins: books/CDs...

Under the Double Rainbow - Harp Duet Book

More harp duets are on the way!

For the last two years I have been collaborating with Sharon Thormahlen on another duet book.

It all began in the fall of 2014 when I was visiting Sharon and her harp-building husband, Dave, at their home in Corvallis, Oregon. We ventured outside on a rainy afternoon to see the sun peeking through and a large double rainbow arcing in front of us.

I said to Sharon, "We're standing under a double rainbow... that sounds like the name of a song!"  Without missing a beat, Sharon replied, "It sounds like the name of a book!"  And so we got to work...

In our book are three original tunes, each one different and special to us: Under the Double Rainbow, Prelude for Peace, and Hermosa Mariposa. Over the Rainbow opens the book and incorporates both the traditional version and the "IZ" version of this well-loved tune; it was fun trying to make my harp sound like a ukulele! Also in the book is La Chanson de Claudine, a beautiful tune we found and felt blended well with this music.

Once again, Afghan Press will be publishing our duet music. We expect it to be out in late July 2016. The purchase price is $25. Please contact me if you wish to order a copy! (206)914-2662 or

Cabin Fever for Two - Harp Duet Book


Sharon Thormahlen and I collaborated on these tunes as we traveled to harp gatherings of various kinds between 2006 and 2012. Our arrangements are all in two parts and are ideal for beginning intermediate, intermediate, and advanced intermediate harpers/harpists who enjoy playing together!

The tunes included in Cabin Fever for Two are:

  • Music dans la Cabane (a French an dro dance in 4/4 time)
  • The Water is Wide (lots of swirling "water" on this one!)
  • Inis Oirr (Thomas Walsh's beautiful Irish air)
  • The Ash Grove, (familiar old Welsh tune)
  • My Cape Breton Home (I love this one!)
  • Tourner a Trois (very fun - both parts share the melody)
  • Hewlett (classic O'Carolan)
  • Waltzing Matilda (G'day mates!) Take a sneak peek at this one...


All the scores are included in the book as well as larger-print Harp 1 and Harp 2 parts. We were careful to make this book "page turn friendly" (repeats and page turns in best possible locations). Both the scores and parts come with suggested dynamic markings, lever change indicators, rehearsal letter markings for ease in learning and performing, and chord symbols. We also included tempo markings, introductions and ending codas, making these tunes ready for your performance!

The two-part tunes in this book are well suited to harp ensembles and harp circles, in addition to harp duos.  Cabin Fever for Two - $25

Email me at if you want to order a copy of Cabin Fever for Two! Or phone me at (206)914-2662!


Living Water - Music for Healing and Comfort - CD


The music on this CD was chosen for its therapeutic value. Recorded professionally in 2005, it was created as a gift for and is dedicated to Martha Hall Jenkins, in her last days. Martha was a wonderful North Carolina water colorist and painted the beautiful scene that was used on the CD jacket. The music in Living Water is intended to comfort those struggling with pain, anxiety, insomnia or stress.  It is gentle and peaceful throughout. Living Water CD - $15

Contact me by email at if you wish to purchase this CD.

Prelude for Peace - Ensemble Music


I composed this work with my cousin-in-law, Sharon Thormahlen, in October of 2008 while we were touring the state of North Carolina following the Southeast Harp Weekend in Asheville. It is scored for soprano/alto/baritone singers, harp, flute, clarinet, violin/viola, cello, handbells, and percussion. Along with the conductor's score there are individual parts, some offered in different keys for flexibility. We conceived Prelude for Peace as a multi-faith hymn and hope musicians will experience the flow of peace as they learn it and as they offer it to their audiences. If you would like to hear this piece performed by the choirs of Pilgrim Congregational Church in Harwich Port, MA, go to my Related Links area on this website. Prelude for Peace - $20

If you wish to purchase Prelude for Peace, contact me at or order it from Afghan Press.